UNVEILING JAMMU & KASHMIR - A two-day conference for


• Thinking •  Evaluating   •  Planning  •


On- Sat. 8th & Sun. 9th December 2018


Venue: Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Keshavsrushti, Uttan, Bhayander, Dist. Thane

Jammu Kashmir Study Centre, Mumbai

Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini


Jammu Kashmir Study Centre, Mumbai and Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini are pleased to announce a two-day conference, 'Unveiling Jammu & Kashmir' on Saturday, 8th and Sunday, 9th December 2018 at RMP, Keshavsrushti, Uttan, Bhayander, Thane.


Jammu Kashmir Study Centre (JKSC) is an independent think-tank dedicated to the study of all aspects of Jammu & Kashmir. The Centre undertakes projects of academic research and field studies related to the State. JKSC believes in enabling the people to form an objective and informed opinion about Jammu & Kashmir. The long pending issues of this State can reach a logical conclusion only by following the path of creating awareness and sharing accurate, factual and true information about the state of J&K among the people at large.


Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, popularly known an RMP, is a knowledge Centre of India, dedicated to imparting training pertaining to academia, politics, social and national issues. RMP has excellent infrastructure and expert manpower to deliver the best. RMP is recognised nationally and internationally for the social initiatives undertaken from time to time. RMP has earned a special place for itself thanks to its invaluable contribution in the said areas for a span of more than 33 years and has also been given the status of Special Consultative NGO by the United Nations.



The theme of 'Unveiling Jammu & Kashmir’ is Thinking, Evaluating and Planning for dissemination of true and correct information, pertaining to the past, as well as the present of J&K, not only to the people of that State but to all Indians.




·         Better appreciation of relevant issues based on historical facts and legalities.


·         Widening the scope of discourse beyond the hackneyed and redundant coverage by the mainstream media.


·         Geo-political analysis and strategic importance of regions in the State of J&K.


·         To be informed about litigations pertaining to J&K in various Courts.



An independent assessment plays a major role in fulfilling these objectives



Who should participate?


·         Academicians, especially those from the faculties of Political Science, Law and Mass Media.

·         Senior journalists, lawyers, former judges.

·         Film directors, Script writers & research Scholars.

·         Retired army persons who have served in J&K

·         Residents/natives of the state of J&K.

·         Citizens interested in volunteering for JKSC.



1.  Turning points- Policies, Events and Personalities.

2.  Accession and Integration of the state of J&K with India.

3.  Nationalist forces in J&K.

4.  Article 370 and Article 35-A of the Constitution of India.

5.  The separatist movements, international forces and role of the Indian Army.

6.  Understanding culture and people of J&K.

7.  Strategic importance of Gilgit-Baltistan.


Special Session:

A Special session of Group discussion to introduce Jammu Kashmir Study Centre.

Order of Proceedings:

 The proceedings will be conducted in eight (08) sessions over a span two (02) days. Every session be will be dedicated to a topic listed herein above; duration per session will be around ninety (90) minutes.

A typical session will begin with a keynote address, followed by speeches of experts, and will conclude with an interactive session.


Panel Discussion:


A panel of experts and specialists will present its views on 'The Role of Media' vis-à-vis the state of J&K.

Cultural programme:

A special programme will be held showcasing art and culture of Jammu & Kashmir.


Participants desirous of attending the Conference are required to register themselves before 15th November 2018 together with a fee of Rs. 100/- (inclusive of Conference kit, lodging & meals*).





 Please send us the Registration form for Delegates duly filled.

Link to the Google-form- https://goo.gl/forms/hiUYw6Uv8Au6xsYJ3


For Details contact:

Satish Sinnarkar                  98210 39722

Sumedh Deshpande          99873 33869

Kapil Naik                              98205 01837