Centre for Human Rights Studies and Awareness (CHRSA)

Centre for Human Rights Studies and Awareness (CHRSA) is a forum of Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, a training and research academy based in Mumbai.

Our mission is two-fold - a proactive approach to create awareness about human rights issues amongst diverse sections of society and constructive contribution to the overall cause of human rights by way of people-oriented research activities.


  • To generate awareness on human rights issues in the society.
  • To build capacity within individuals to protect and uphold their basic human rights through training.
  • To share and enhance information about human rights.

Capacity Building and Awareness 
We believe that 'capacity building' and 'awareness' in the field of human rights is more necessary for those sections of society which can directly influence the human rights of the common man. We plan to organise Seminars, Symposia, Training and Human Rights Literacy Camps for :- Law Enforcement agencies. Policy Influences viz. Media, Academia, Industrialists, Corporate sector etc. Policy Implementers viz. Bureaucrats, Judiciary, Elected Representatives, etc. Voluntary Organisations. Student Organisations. Teachers and Educationists. Human Rights Activists.

CHRSA would act as a forum to facilitate acquiring solutions on human rights issues reported to the cell. CHRSA will represent individuals and community at large at different levels to advocate the human rights issues. CHRSA will build a strong network in co-ordination with like-minded organisations and individuals in the field of human rights.

CHRSA will constantly attempt to build its knowledge base through research and study on the different issues of human rights. CHRSA will make paper presentation on seminal issues in human rights at national and international level. CHRSA will attempt to provide infrastructural facilities to encourage study on human rights. CHRSA will provide standard training modules and literature to conduct training programs on human rights. CHRSA will conduct defined action-oriented surveys on the problems arising out of human rights in the country.

Geographical Area
CHRSA will focus to primarily work in Maharashtra State. However, we shall provide adequate support to other organisations to represent human right issues throughout the country, and even abroad.

CHRSA consists of a small core team of individuals from various walks of life such as voluntary activism, law, education etc.

Associate membership of the Centre is open to all who can contribute positively.

For details please contact at the address overleaf.